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Portraits is a modern day female vampire story that takes place in present day Los Angeles against a backdrop of Burlesque and Victorian death photography. It is a psychological thriller/Horror film.  

Portraits tells the story of Mira, a down-on-her-luck artist, who discovers she has inherited a mysterious building in Los Angeles from her only surviving relative. Seizing this new opportunity, Mira uproots her life to start something new. But it isn’t long until her fate draws her deeper into her family’s secret past, and her attraction to her mysterious new friend, Madeline, slowly reveals itself. 
 As Mira embarks on her new life and romance with a fellow photography classmate, a string of brutal murders besiege those around her. Do her series of re-occurring nightmares point to the unknown killer, or are they a link to Mira’s dark ancestral history? 

There have been many incarnations of Carmilla (1872) -- The Vampire Lovers, Blood and Roses, The Blood Spattered Bride, and my personal favorite, Daughters of Darkness. But as much as I love these films I always felt something was missing. A lack of female directors. This story has never been told from a female perspective. Until now.

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